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Nerja has over 400 bars and restaurants, and, although we only have direct experience of a small proportion of these, we are very happy to share this experience with you. The following is a list of restaurants that we are happy to recommend, in the sense that they are places where we regularly eat ourselves, and which we feel offer good quality and good value for money, together with a few which we don’t recommend. The map references relate to the map that showed the route to your property.


We are presuming that you have come to Spain partly to enjoy genuine Spanish food (rather than fish & chips), and are pleased to recommend the following excellent – and totally Spanish – places to dine.

One of the very best, with an especially interesting selection of menu items, is Pepe Rico, on C/ Almirante Ferrandiz,Map Ref: G5. Then Meson de Antonio on C/ Diputacion. Map Ref: G4, is a very busy restaurant where many Spaniards themselves eat, and which is also very good for tapas. Equally centrally located, just at the top of the ramp leading down to the Balcon Car Park is La Capilla del Mar, on C/ de la Cruz 16, Map ref: F5.

Restaurante Sevillano, just into the old town past the Balcon, on the corner of C/ Almirante Ferrandiz with C/ Gloria (Map Ref: G5), also provides excellent food at very reasonable prices, with a very friendly Spanish welcome. Or you can try the Rincón de Sevillano which is located virtually opposite. There is also a third, smaller but more intimate, version of Sevillano on the corner of C/ Antonio Millon and C/ Chaparil, (Map Ref: F3/G3).

Past visitors, who had enjoyed dining at Sloan’s Restaurant, on C/ Los Huertos 74, (Map Ref: F6/G6), will be disappointed to learn that it has had to close due to ill-health, but its successor – L’Essence – although very different in character serves excellent food in a very friendly atmosphere. Finally Carabeo 34 (on C/ Carabeo, No 34!) has always been renowned as an excellent, if slightly expensive, place to dine, and remains one of our firm favourites, Map Ref: G5.

Outside the purely Spanish experience we can thoroughly recommend Au Petit Paris, on C/ Malaga, (Map Ref: G3), which offers a warm, and very French, welcome coupled with delicious food and an extensive selection of wines. 

Finally, one restaurant that we actually have no experience of ourselves, but which is currently #1 rated on TripAdvisor, is Oliva on C/ Pintada 7 (Map Ref: G5) – pricey but very well reviewed.

Out of town, requiring a car journey, but well worth the effort is: Restaurante Almazara – on the Frigiliana Road, immediately on the right after the roundabout junction with the motorway. Marvellous views and a really innovative menu.


There is a wide range of restaurants here, both situated on the beach itself, and also within the parade of shops fronting on to the beach. Those on the beach serve delicious sea-food.

Our favourite is Restaurant Moreno, on the extreme right hand side, underneath where the Parador is situated, which does excellent paella (although Ayo’s - at the other end of the beach – is the one that is famous for its giant paella, we do not think it is quite as good – although second helpings are free!). Of those in the parade, we like the Restaurante  Nerja de Nerja also called Bruxelles, which several of our guests have also recommended, and which is very popular in the evening, so booking is advisable.


The path down to Torrecilla Beach from the junction of C/ Malaga and Avda. Mediterraneo contains a number of cafes and restaurants, but for something special, at an excellent price, try the last but one – Maria Bonita – Map Ref: G2/H2.


Whilst we would not recommend the restaurant within El Capistrano Village (see below), if you are looking for somewhere close by to eat, we would very strongly recommend the restaurant in Hotel Los Arcos (La Brasería Ibérica), Map Ref: D10. This can be found on the main road through Nerja, just opposite the entrance to El Capistrano Village.

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