Internet usage overtakes TV viewing - Spain Away

According to a study by the European Interactive Advertising Association (IALS), the number of hours that the average person spends connected to the internet in Spain now exceeds that spent watching television.

The study, conducted in 15 European countries, reveals that people in Spain spend an average of 13.3 hours per week connected to the internet compared to 13 hours in front of the television. There is quite a difference between age groups, with younger people spending most time online, while those over 55 years of age almost exclusively use only television.

Spain is the fifth ranked European country in respect of time spent on the internet, averaging more than three hours a day from their computers and 34 minutes from mobile connections. The study shows that more than 2.3 million users now have a mobile internet connection in Spain.

Mobile internet is an area seeing the largest increases in usage and is now the most common mobile pastime for those under the age of 34 – these users spend nearly 5 and a half hours per week connected to the internet while on the move, this compares to 4.6 hours reading newspapers and 3.6 hours reading magazines.

Almost half of European households (41% in Spain and 47% in the whole of Europe) now have at least one laptop, and 121 million Europeans (10 million of which are in Spain, up 11% on the previous year) use a wireless broadband connection. The study believes that “increased mobility and convergence seems inevitable and advertisers should no longer look to traditional media in isolation, but harness the wealth and diversity of newer opportunities for advertising.”


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