New Terminal at Malaga airport - Spain Away

Five years of work finally came to a head on Monday as the third terminal at the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport in Malaga was officially opened.

King Juan Carlos, accompanied by Queen Sofia, addressed the 500 strong crowd of institutional representatives from political, touristic, economic, aeronautical and communication spheres, describing the new building as "light and transparent" and in keeping with its "advanced technology", also stressing that the extension of the aerodrome would energise the economic and tourist activity of AndalucĂ­a.

He added "The Queen joins me to express our happiness at the inauguration of this new, modern and splendid terminal T3 of Malaga Airport. This will reinforce its prominent position in the dense network of airports in Spain".

The Monarch also commented that this is the oldest aerodrome that has maintained its original location in Spain (the first flight landed in El Rompedizo on 9 March 1919).

However, he also made clear the fact that the airport's influence would transcend regional boundaries, making it an important part of "the wide and extensive modernisation of airport infrastructure" that will ensure "greater internal mobility and cohesion as well as better international connections".

Special thanks were offered to Aena (association of Spanish airports and air navigation), architect Bruce Fairbanks, the construction consortium made up of Ferrovial and Sando, and "all the directors, technicians and workers who have poured all their efforts into the execution of this project".

The King also took the opportunity to offer his sympathy and support for those affected by the recent storms in AndalucĂ­a.

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