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BRITONS are so keen to get away to sunnier climes, some don't even remember to pack their pants. Around 3% forget to pack their undies, with 14% forgetting plug adapters and 12% leaving without a phone charger, according to a study by comparison site Almost a quarter of those surveyed admitted leaving their packing until the day before setting off, and 5% only started a few hours before flying.


A new study into the age of the paintings in the Nerja caves is to be made in August. For the first time, they will be examined using uranium-thorium dating which allows the analysis of inorganic sediments.

Radio-carbon techniques used previously can only be used on organic material and become less reliable on specimens more than 40,000 years old. The new test involves taking samples of the calcite film which lies on the surface of the paintings, so avoiding damaging them, and will provide an accurate dating as far back as 80,000 years.

In recent weeks, several people have reported sightings of Madeleine McCann in Nerja and along the Costa del Sol. However, these are not all recent sightings, rather people coming forward to report possible sightings a year or more ago.

This exclusive article in The Olive Press, gives the full details: I Saw Maddie at Costa del Sol Beach Restaurant

The Axarquia region, of which Nerja is part, has proposed a novel way to solve the euro crisis.

For the last 24 years the Malaga region has used its own currency which has its roots in the Arab heritage of the area and is worth its weight in silver.

Now its creators claim the 'axarco', which is available in both silver coins and paper notes, could be expanded to replace the much weaker euro.

She has already courted controversy by marrying her fitness trainer. Now Sweden's first in line to the throne is rumoured to be making an unlikely move to live on the Costa del Sol.

A modern-day Edward and Mrs Simpson, Crown Princess Victoria, 34, is rumoured to have bought a stunning four million euro home in Nerja.

She and her commoner husband Daniel Westling, 37, are said to have 'spent a fortune' renovating the property overlooking the town's emblematic Balcon de Europa.

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